Friday, 7 November 2014

Happy bloggy birthday - a year of blogging and what exactly have I achieved? Funny you should ask..

There’s no easy way to write this but I am just going to say it - in the basic art of blogging, I have failed. By setting up a blog you have then to care for it, feed it.. even if it’s just the odd snack - a link to some amusing cat photos or any other little tit bits to keep it looking in good health, maintained and, most importantly, loved. And apart from the odd book review I have let this blog fall into neglect 

I began with such good intentions. I made a vow, a contract. I blogged every day for a month and in this intensely close time I realised my love for this blog, I even published my new year's resolutions confirming my commitment to tending my own virtual garden (I am referring to this blog- not some bizarre euphemism for something else).  I am fortunate it is virtual and quite sympathetically doesn't tell anyone it has been left unattended and, other than showing the date of my last post, it doesn't demonstrate it's dire situation by sprouting moss, weeds or becoming coated in dust or displaying signs of decay. Why have I been so shameful in my actions, letting this once beloved space fall by the way side? It gets worse - because I have strayed and there is another blog in my life ( 

This is not some elaborate story to put off the inevitable revisiting of my new year’s resolutions, so lets get it over and done with. Up for a laugh? Lets see exactly how badly I got on.

I will begin quite unashamedly with my failures - those ones that I didn’t even come close to achieving: a short story a day for a week. I didn’t even give this any thought - I blame the rejection letter I received from the People’s Friend among other excuses. I also failed to find a local writing group or even consider setting up one of my own. The only resolution I feel quite genuine in my shame over failing to achieve is that I did not even pursue a good cause in need of support be it through social media or mentoring. My wet suit hasn’t yet emerged from it’s packaging and certainly hasn’t been near my local reservoir where I planned to go open water swimming. On the one occasion I came close to googling the swimming times I was plagued by a bizarrely irrational fear of developing Weil's disease. The half hearted award goes to my vow to go indoor rock climbing. I did attempt this once but didn’t quite anticipate the resulting toe ache and so haven’t revisited it since.

So what exactly did I manage during this sizeable chunk of 2014 that is now past tense? I stupidly set these resolutions to provide a little writing material, so whilst I may have achieved these about to specified, I am still ultimately missing a trick compounding them all into one post but there is a good ending I promise, in the style of Jane Austen to boot. I completed the Sarah Wilson ‘I quit sugar’ detox and learning about refined sugar and fructose was terrifyingly informative. I also blogged every day for the month of February which again was another out-of-my-comfort-zone but in a good way experiences of the year. 

However, as I have it, I am now going to play the card to redeem all failed resolutions as there was one that I did achieve that eclipsed all others. It was all encompassing, once in a life time and at one point occupied my every waking minute of my life. I promised you Jane Austen and yes reader, I got married. 

Had I any notion of quite how much of my life would fall by the wayside in the process of wedding planning I may well have re-ignited my original plan just to elope to Vegas. But kids and casinos are 2 words that should never appear in the same sentence and I’m not sure they would have forgiven me had I eloped without them. So, having allowed this creative space to fall into disarray surely it would only now be fair to make a vow not to let it happen again. However, having demonstrated my flawed track record I think it would be more positive to keep away from social contracts for now and just focus on the important part  - some actual writing, coming soon, I promise.