Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Saturday evening product review: MAGIC £1.98 NAIL VARNISH

So what's so special about this rather unremarkable bottle of Rimmel nail varnish? 

This was one of the purchases I found on my search for budget items to review (which I have paid for myself and have not been sponsored in any way) and I expected the usual outcome of my nail varnishes. I'll forget to put marigolds on to do the washing up and so my varnished nails won't even make it past lunch time. 

I have a bottle of Chanel Vernis, it is a beautiful dark grey that shines like a mirror. However, if I so much as have a shower I come out with a chip on every nail and I expected this, with it's £1.98 price tag, to be no different. 

I was brilliantly surprised. So a little photo of freshly applied nail varnish (please try and ignore my wrinkly fingers)

Now follows the after shot and when I say after, I mean after a day of some very glamourous activities including washing up, bathing children, showering and scrubbing out my bread bin (who doesn't do this of a saturday afternoon)

There are a couple of chips here and there but overall I am stunned it has survived so well. Once again this is a budget find that I will absolutely be stocking up on. Nuff said. 

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