Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My best post yet!!

Blog a day for a month challenge: Day 4

Why is it so good? Because yesterday I attended blog school, conducted by the exceptionally talented writer and blogger extroadinaire, Greg Thorpe (remember this name, he will absolutely be famous!) So the fruits of our work is that today I can proudly unveil this new blog. I hope you will allow me a self indulgent moment where I bask in the beauty of the much improved Annikazam.blogspot.com. 

Of course, I know looks aren’t everything but, being a complete dinosaur when it comes to blogging software, I couldn’t help but look at other, shinier blogs with severe blog envy.

There is nothing controversial behind me defecting from wordpress to blogger, other than me recognising my own inabilities to get to grips with wordpress. So I welcome you to my new platform where champagne and canap├ęs will be proffered, virtually. 

I have migrated most of my previous posts over bar a few that didn’t make the cut. However, if you read one blog today please make it THIS ONE (Greg’s blog), as it’s far superior to anything I’ll ever come up with. I would love to share some of the pearls I received yesterday but I hope to do so over my future blog posts. 

Greg, may I say a very big thank you, and promise you some unburnt quiche on your next visit.  

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