Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Former Apprentice candidate Katy Hopkins needs our help!

Blog a day for a month challenge: Day 2
I am putting out an appeal for a vote of sympathy for former Apprentice contestant Katy Hopkins. I can only assume having read HER BLOG that she is in a terrible situation and needs our help. It is clear from her description of what she calls ‘full time mothers’ she is a tragic victim of bullying from, one can only guess, a small army of women, who in her view, are selfishly choosing not to work. One can only speculate the terrible things these vile, buggy pushing ladies, clad in Cath Kidston, have done to poor Katy for her to feel bestowed with the right to criticise and vilify other women, who in her eyes have committed the most terrible of deeds, they made their own choices. 
If it isn’t bullying then I can only assume one of the following: she has fallen on such hard times that by criticising other women who, frankly can do what they please, she must generate column inches via provocation and this somehow assists her to ‘bring home the bacon’ as these are not the words of a successful and contented person. This type of publicity is on a level with news generated as a result of the journalist rooting through someone’s bins. Or could it be attack of the green eyed monster, perhaps Katy is a closet spaghetti hoop-coated, Cath Kidston addict. She did turn down the chance to appear in the Apprentice final after all, because, if memory serves, of her kids. My armchair psychology deduces that actually Katy would much rather not work as she seems desperately unhappy, resulting in casting harsh aspersions on those she envies. 
I do think Katy got a bit confused by her circling cloud of red mist when she wrote this. All mothers, regardless of their employment status, are full time. There is no such thing as a part time mother. It’s like saying you’re a part time human. However, there are some mothers and fathers, who are lucky enough to be able to stay at home to care for their children. They have the luxury of choice and fair play to them for doing it, they deserve respect for the choice they have made and their role is defined as a ‘stay at home’ parent. Their expertise include bringing up their children among many others. However, Katy chose to ignore those who don’t have the luxury of choice, who have to stay at home because of cost of a month of full time childcare in the UK is the equivalent to the average earner’s entire monthly salary, of which there are many. They are thoughtlessly swept into Katy’s broad generalisations of the selfish stay-at-home mother, and the men who are stay at home dads, don’t even get a look in. God forbid Katy might use her place in the public eye for good use and campaign for affordable child care so those mums who would quite like to go back to work (yes part OR full time) can. However, no instead she listed the ‘types of mother she hates’ 

Apparently being a stay at home mum ‘doesn’t define you, doesn’t earn you a living and certainly doesn’t make you an interesting person to sit next to at dinner’ There are many things in life that you can choose to define yourself with: if and how you draw in your eyebrows, the respect you show to others or lack of it. Again, you get to choose some of things that define you by the way you are and the way you live however, ultimately it is your behaviour that defines you. So based on this, what defines Katy Hopkins? On the Apprentice she came across as intelligent, thick skinned and unflappable however now it seems she has regressed to courting whatever publicity she can get by whatever means. If that’s your choice Katy, I respect that, shame you can’t use it for more positive enterprises but, as any working or stay at home parent knows, we can’t have it all. 

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