Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It is with nervous anticipation I write..

..An introduction to blog month….

Blog a day for a month challenge: Day 1
In this fair month of february I will be completing, as part of my list of new year’s resolutions, the self imposed challenge of posting a blog a day for a month.
Have I thought this through? Not really. Am I already quite stressed at the prospect of coming up with something publishable on a daily basis? Absolutely. Can I back down now? Not unless I want to go down in blogging history as a giant failure, flunking out of this project on the very first day.  
I have given this month some thought and have some things in mind, however I must warn you now that on some days this blog will read like a women’s magazine. I will be tackling those difficult subjects like shifting that pesky post-baby weight, no wait a second, I am not that short of material. 
I will, however, be conducting some beauty product reviews. Although I know my place, not having much experience in this field, I plan to enter an enclave of lotions and potions I haven’t entered since my teens, the pound shop beauty counter. I will be sampling the delights of my local low-cost chemist, including their £1 fake tan and eyelashes! Those things you look at and think, there is no way that is going near my face, I will be doing just that. I may also throw in some book and film reviews, actually scrub the film reviews, have committed to blogging not outings to the cinema.
I hope to provide some form of reading entertainment on a daily basis and, when I run out of ideas, well there’s always a soapbox waiting for me within the online pages of the daily mail. 

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