Thursday, 27 February 2014

How do you teach equality?

A blog a day for a month challenge: Day 27

Is it wrong that I am relieved that my children are male because already that gives them a head start in life? Yes it's wrong and fundamentally flawed, but it is true. So it is with fervent vigour that I attempt to reinforce the message of equality to them. However, as their primary carer and chief homemaker how can I really translate this message when on a day to day basis the arrangement in our house, purely through circumstance, is quite traditional and, dare I say it, stereotypical. My boys don't see the career woman I once was before their arrival so how will I demonstrate my capabilities beyond laundry and some rather mean iced buns (RECIPE HERE)

I could write all day about this, however another parent blogger, in a similar situation, has summed this up beautifully, so instead of listening to me please READ HERE

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