Sunday, 23 February 2014

Toddler participation food in it's purest form.

So I have mentioned before on here the trials of baking with toddlers, mainly holding their attention long enough so you don’t end up half way through the process, surrounded bowls full of ingredients, whilst your child has moved onto other ‘more interesting’ pursuits and you have nothing edible to show for it. (Read it HERE).

Recently I mentioned this to my son’s key worker at his nursery, when I was presented with a fairy cake he had made. It was then explained to me that actually he hadn’t made it at all, he had decorated it. They understood that for the children to bake and decorate something, that was a feat too far and so bought the fairy cakes in and the children were then let loose on them, armed with icing sugar and hundreds and thousands.

So, bearing this little short cut in mind, it is with great pleasure I present this AMAZING recipe for iced fingers CLICK HERE. Proofing aside, which takes 2 or so hours, this is beautifully simple to make (even more simple if you have a food processor with a dough hook). They require few ingredients and you choose at what point you get the kids involved. So for my two, it was once the buns were baked and I had made the different coloured icing sugar. They then had a great time dipping the rolls in the icing sugar and adding the sprinkles. 

Before and after shots of the dough, which took around an hour to proof.


Again these took around an hour. Please note, I didn't follow the advice of the recipe and put the dough on a oiled baking sheet. As a result the buns completely stuck to the baking parchment

They then took just 8-10 mins in the oven.

For me, these completely eclipse fairy cakes and taste so much better. 

Weirdly though, the pink ones tasted so much better than the blue. Why is that?

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