Saturday, 22 February 2014

A saturday evening product review: Coffee beans and cucumbers

This is an unsponsored product review, conducted totally at my expense and off my own back..

Another find that costs just one pound! So I have to confess when I planned to do some product reviews, I ended up coming out of my local branch of Savers will all manner of lotions and potions, and a random scented candle (read the review of that HERE). All of which I have been diligently testing over the last few weeks. I am going to sound like a snob but I went into this with low expectations. Surely if these things were that good everyone would know about them already right? 

Of course so far there are a few things that have already been filed or should I say recycled, ahem, and of course I am not going to waste your time by reporting the things that were about as effective as massaging your face with a blunt market vegetable. However, I hope I can point out what worked for me and what will now be taking up a permanent place in my regime (I don’t know why I use the word regime, if I had to explain my current regime it would be 2 words: ‘face wipes’) 

I only picked Sublyme Cosmetics ‘Pure’ cucumber and caffeine eye roll on, because of it’s price. As a rule I don’t use eye roll ons, never quite got the concept if I’m honest. If you use an eye cream why then slather this stuff on? Of course there is no doubt more to it I’m sure. However, the other day after a particularly rough night looking after 2 poorly children I decided there couldn’t be a more perfect time to test out this substance ‘enriched with cucumber extract and caffeine to help soothe and stimulate tired skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags’? Bearing in mind my eye baggage had already checked in, browsed around the duty free and was now sat in departures eating a giant toblerone, I was straight in there.

So I found the overall eye roll on experience thoroughly refreshing indeed. Initially I wasn’t wowed, however, after a minute or so my eyes felt considerably better. That burning sensation I was feeling around the edge of each eye lid had virtually disappeared. This stuff was good, good enough to write about though? After just one sample that wouldn’t be a fair test. However, since its initial test I have now been using it on a daily basis and it now lives in my handbag. 

Of course, I haven’t tried the fancier eye rolls on so I cannot proffer any comparisons although I do recall buying tinted Garnier one a few years ago that I didn’t use because the tint didn’t match my skin tone in the slightest (I looked like a clown on the one occasion I put it on) However, I also do not intend on buying any of the fancier ones as I have this little budget beauty in my life. 

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