Saturday, 8 February 2014

Go on, smell the rainbow (my first product review)

So after a week of some pretty heavy subject matter (FGM, an imprisoned midwife and Katie Hopkins!) I think a nice light hearted Saturday product review is in order

As a scented candle junkie it was with some delight that I came across this in my local branch of Savers. A Skittles flavoured scented candle costing just £1. 

Now I am no candle snob. I do own a few from Jo Malone but I am never going to turn my nose up at a candle purely on its price. However I did question whether I would really ‘smell the rainbow’, or if I really wanted to. I did my test of smelling the unlit candle in the shop and I have to say it smelt pretty good, almost edible in fact, so the signs were good. 

I am continually mystified as to how the colour of Raspberry translates to being blue. As an ex-WKD blue drinker who fielded many a comment about how it looked like I was drinking anti freeze (including a question from one guy as to whether that meant I was frigid - nice), this was something I frequently contemplated. However, the sharpness of the colour made it pleasing on the eye and so I hoped it would be just as pleasing on the nose. 

I am assuming the symbol on the far left means
do not let your children play football with this candle?
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It filled my dining room with a warm, sugary, fruity aroma. Despite it’s sharply colourful appearance the smell was pleasingly subtle and would absolutely have a place next to my bath tub, should the occasion ever arise that I might have time for one of those relaxing, candle lit baths that are mandatory once you’re a woman past the age of 30. Overall I would say this is a fantastic purchase and next time I’m in Savers I might upgrade my metal basket for one of those giant ones on wheels so I can merrily fill it up. So I say do it..smell the rainbow. 

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