Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Heatworld wouldn’t let a man say this, so why let Katie Hopkins?

Blog a day for a month: day 5

So you might think that further to Sunday’s blog about a certain Katie Hopkins (read it here), clearly a victim judging by highly personal public tirades against, well, everyone, that I might have something to say ABOUT THIS, and you would be right. However, I am not here to highlight the miserable situation Ms Hopkins must be in that is causing her disingenuous behaviour. 

Now it seems we must turn our attentions to heatworld.

I must confess this was once one of my favourite, all-consuming websites, especially on a Monday morning at work where it would gently ease me into the reality that the weekend was over and that I must commence sadly toiling at my keyboard, once more.

Yet it would seem despite there being an inordinate amount of celebrity activity to feast upon, on an almost minute by minute basis (primarily propped up by those with the surname Kardashian), heatworld has tragically fallen upon tough times. I made reference to a certain outburst by Ms Hopkins, as similar to journalists who create headlines by rooting through people’s rubbish, and it would seem, in the name of sparking some news, the online celebrity gossip bible has created a cyborg-like combination of these factors. 

So what was the conversation in the heatworld boardroom, I wonder? 

‘The website readership numbers have taken a dramatic downturn, if we don’t do something drastic we won’t last the month’ 

‘There’s only one thing for it, lets bash some celebrities’

'But who will come on at a minute’s notice purely to spout some outlandish, barbarous statements about some celebrities chosen at random’ 

‘I know just the person, although we will need to fix it that she talks about Peaches Geldof, somehow’ 

Wheel out Ms Hopkins armed with a microphone and a board with a spinney arrow nicked out of a game of twister, furnished with celebrity photos. 

I know it’s just meant to be an amusing rant from someone who has no concept of karma, but what’s funny about being offensive? If a man made these comments he would be outlawed, so why is it acceptable coming from a woman? Is that how it works, women are allowed to call other women fat?

Surely you only find this on the Daily Mail and not Heatworld, who’s demographic is largely, but not excluded to, teenage girls and young, impressionable women. 

Are times so tough you must resort to what is essentially bullying? I believe in freedom of speech but providing someone with a platform where they can describe how some women are famous just for being fat, is beyond contemptible.  

You cannot liken this to the recent convictions of the online abusers making death threats via twitter to Caroline Criado-Perez & Stella Creasy. This is socially acceptable online abuse. The kind that slowly but surely fuels the fire, pushing those young women and men, already on the edge, further down the road towards self harm, eating disorders and general self hatred, as they are surrounded by critical microscope style media, analysing every inch of celebrity flesh on display. 

I know Lilly Allen is made of tougher stuff and is infinitely more famous and talented then Katie Hopkins ever will be, but should anyone have to take such unfounded rubbish after suffering such a terrible loss? At first I wanted to suggest that Lilly shouldn’t rise to it in the first place (making me a hypocrite as that’s exactly what I’m doing) but then I read her emotional tweets (HERE) in response to Katie’s comments about her weight when pregnant and, frankly, I would have done exactly the same (whilst looking distinctly ropier)

Ms Hopkins gets her own microphone to say what she pleases so why the hell shouldn’t those she chooses to unwittingly take a pop at, respond accordingly? However, it is Heatworld, Yahoo and This Morning that pay her appearance fee, so who should I really angle my rage at? Who can I petition against to stop this continual slow burn of bitchy, unintelligent criticism. I love a healthy debate but this isn’t even that, why should sponsored celebrity-kicking be anyone’s ‘profession'?

Can we assume that Katy is no longer the big fish from her Apprentice days, her 'high flying' is now reduced to gutter press diving (and appearing on programs like Celebrity Four weddings). All I can say is carry on Katy, good luck explaining yourself to your children. 

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